Meet The Team

Hola! Welcome. Meet the folks behind this treasure trove of info about Spain.

Hey there, I’m Sabine

The boss (according to the other team member aka my husband)

Born and raised in Belgium, from Italian-Polish descent, having lived in various countries around the globe, I consider myself a global citizen.

Travel addict, passionate cook, outdoor lover, always seeking for the next adventure. Self-declared Spainatic. 

My passion for Spain began many years ago when I was still a child. I was fascinated by the Spanish language and was beyond excited when I got a scholarship at university many years later to study 6 months in Bilbao, Spain. I had the best time discovering all things Spain and more.

I went back to Spain years later to work as an expat in Madrid. It was supposed to be a project for 3 years but I stayed for 6. Life in Spain was too good to leave after only 3 years.

All in all, I love all things Spain, the language, the people, the culture and the food, which is what I would like to share through Discover Spain Today.

And I’m Sean

Tech support.

Basically, I’m just bringing up the rear, so to speak. No, I haven’t spent nearly as much time in Spain as Sabine has, but of all the 40 odd countries I have either lived, travelled through or worked in, Spain is right up there as one of my all time favourites, although I find it very hard to pick an absolute favourite as each country in this world has something unique to offer.

But as it is now, Spain looks set to be our new base of opporations for the forseable future.

So, we certainly hope this site will become more than just a blog, but instead an entire resource and wealth of info about all things Spain.


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