Meet The Team

Hola! Welcome. Meet the folks behind this treasure trove of info about Spain.

Hey there, I’m Sabine

Co-founder and the creative mind

Born and raised in Belgium, from Italian-Polish descent, having lived in various countries around the globe, I consider myself a global citizen.

Travel addict, passionate cook, outdoor lover, always seeking for the next adventure. Self-declared Spainatic. 

My passion for Spain began many years ago. I have always been fascinated by the Spanish language and was beyond excited when I got a scholarship at university many years later to study 6 months in Bilbao, Spain. I had the best time discovering all things Spain and more.

Later, I went back to Spain to work as an expat in Madrid. It was supposed to be a project for 3 years but I stayed for 6. Life in Spain was too good to leave after only 3 years.

All in all, I love all things Spain, the language, the people, the culture and the food, which is what I would like to share through Discover Spain Today.

And I’m Sean

Co-founder and tech support.

Basically, I’m just bringing up the rear, so to speak. No, I haven’t spent nearly as much time in Spain as Sabine has, but of all the 40 odd countries I have either lived, travelled through or worked in, Spain is right up there as one of my all time favourites, although I find it very hard to pick an absolute favourite as each country in this world has something unique to offer.




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